Guess What Happened Outside – Our Tree Fell

Fallen TreeWe had this beautiful old willow tree in our front yard when I was little kid. At that time Tarzan came on the television in the afternoon after school. One of the great things about being little and light is it was really easy to swing all those drooping willow branches. I can remember my bigger brother trying to do the same thing but it really didn’t work very well for him.

That tree has left a memory in my mind for my whole life. Trees are such a wonderful thing to have on our landscape. Our homes are much less when there is not any trees around compared to when there is the beautiful green foliage and the majestic branches providing shade.

These wonderful creations that we get to enjoy on a daily basis should not go without notice. They provide so much joy to our lives while we’re busy running around doing the things we think are most important. The other day I just happened to stop and look at a weeping willow for the first time in a long time and it brought back all of those memories from childhood. It just reinforced the point of how much joy the natural creation around us brings us.

Well you may not know but I was leading up to the fact that a big tree we have was actually knocked over in a very fierce wind storm recently. So with all these wonderful memories of trees also comes responsibility of keeping them healthy. We have been warned about thinning this tree which means to reduce some of the growth  of the branches on the inside of the tree so that it catches less wind during a wind storm and is thus less likely to be broken or tipped over. Well you can guess what happened to our beautiful tree. It wasn’t a weeping willow of my childhood but it was a pretty majestic desert tree.

So because of this we now needed to call a tree service. turned out to be just a fantastic resource to us in our time of need. I can’t recommend them highly enough but I understand that they’re only available in a certain areas. Therefore I want to share some of the things that made them so great.

First of all we had contacted the number of tree companies many of which didn’t answer their telephone. We left messages as normal and very few called us back in a timely manner. Who was unusual to have the company answer on our first call. Mesa trees was one of the companies that did answer when we first called. So to me that’s a plus right there.

So they asked us a lot of questions about the tree and what happened to it and where it fell and what kind of damage was involved. We explained everything to him to the best of our knowledge and made an appointment for them to come out and take a look. They arrived on schedule and Continue reading Guess What Happened Outside – Our Tree Fell

Helping Sick Family Members

We have a really good friend who is a little bit elderly now. He was always a real workhorse and also a real pleasure to be around. I’m sure many people have someone like this in their life. We can really come to appreciate them because of their wealth of wisdom and knowledge and when they share it with us it is such a treasure.

It is such a loss when their health deteriorates in the fashion that doesn’t allow them to function in their old age. For some it’s that their bones become unable to really support the loads that are put upon them. There’s an old Bible verse that talks about being old and the terror in front of the person. Its meaning is that taking the next step can be dangerous for them, for instance if there are stairs or a steep grade in front of them it can be disastrous. Living with that type of a possibility creates definite terror for the individual.

Not only are there those kinds of disabilities but there is the cognitive disabilities that are so common today. For instance Alzheimer’s disease. This particular friend is unfortunately suffering from this debilitating condition. It is really sad to say the least to look at somebody who was once so vibrant and full of life and now is barely able to function. This disease is a really horrible one because it affects so many people. How difficult it is for family to deal with this, to look at someone who they love and respect only to have them look back and not recognize them.

It also is horrible in the sense that with this cognitive dysfunction things that used to be so easy are now extremely difficult. For instance, a simple thing is that of recognizing an object can be very difficult. It is not uncommon for someone with this condition to mistake a waste paper basket for a toilet. It’s very sad when this happens obviously. But it does. When this does occur there is a need for a carpet cleaner such as Because this condition may produce repeated episodes of this behavior it’s a good idea to have somebody on hand who can keep the carpet and flooring clean. Sad to say that this happens but it does.

There was recently a wonderful show which took an the immense amount of courage for all of those involved to do. It was about Continue reading Helping Sick Family Members

Inexpensive ways to organize your Home

Organizing your home does not need to be expensive. There are many creative ways to organize your hidden areas of your home like your closets cabinets and so on without spending an excessive amount of money. In this article I will direct your attention to ways that you can organize store and remain organized for years to come.

Storage ContainersMany think that going to a high-end department store that specializes in organizing essentials is necessary for your home. But that isn’t the case. Making your way in to thrift stores or discount dollar type stores will allow you to find baskets, cubbies, furniture and cabinets, whichever you may need to and get your space organized. Also, if you visit especially a thrift store “sale” dang, you will find items at very low discounted prices. I personally have found baskets, drawer organizers, furniture, you name it at the thrift store. All it takes is a little cleaning, elbow grease or spray paint to make that item or items look the way you want it.

Visiting a discounted dollar like store will allow you to find Continue reading Inexpensive ways to organize your Home

Organizing your Linen Closet

Organizing your home can be an adventure that can take some time. You may find certain areas of your home are more challenging than others. Yet you are determined as a homeowner, a proud homeowner to conquer these challenging areas so that your home will flow and move with ease while you clean and entertain. After all this organizing, you’ll be ready for a night on the town. So my suggestion would be to book a limousine and dinner at your favorite restaurant for when you’re completed with this task. The reward is well deserved.linen closet

One area of the homes that goes left unnoticed for long periods of time until things start falling out as you open the cabinet doors is your linen closet. This area seems to be almost similar to the homes junk drawer. You will stuff and store unused items, or cling to items you think you may use in the future. Along with the storage of unnecessary items, you store the necessities such as, vacuum cleaners, brooms, cleaning products along with bedding towels so on and so forth.

So after a while, this area though hidden becomes the hidden disaster area. Items you thought you had are now lost in this Continue reading Organizing your Linen Closet

Home Improvement

Taking care of a home is like taking care of a newborn baby. Minus of course Home Frontthrow up, pooping, constant crying, and many sleepless nights. New parents and homeowners can agree that taking care of both is a constant job. Home improvement and not the kind with Tim Taylor, incorporates many different aspects of house. Such aspects include dealing with appliances, repairing damages, pest control, cleaning, and even remodeling. The goal of home improvement is to improve the current condition of your house.

Like many things we own, appliances often break down. A number of different factors can cause this to happen. It could be an electrical problem or the appliance just simply ran its course. Some of the most common appliances that break down in your house can be located inside of the kitchen. That would include essentials such as the refrigerator, microwave, or the stove. Whatever or wherever the appliance is they can easily be fixed. There are highly qualified professionals that have the knowledge and expertise needed to know how to fix you’re broken down appliances. That means you can sit down, relax with an ice cold beer, put your feet up, and enjoy the game without having to break a sweat.Low Maintenance

Overtime a house slowly breaks down like a human does. We often try to reverse this process of aging through cosmetic surgery. That’s why you see so many people walking around with shiny skin and have the same expression stuck on to their face! Houses need a little TLC too on the outside surface.  Over a period of time due to weather, a house’s paint can become faded or start to peel off. If that is how the outside of your house looks like there’s no need to feel bad or embarrassed. Your home just simply needs to be repainted. There are many businesses in your local area that can accomplish this task that can fit your budget.  Sometimes however, Continue reading Home Improvement